VIDEO: Watch This Cockatiel Whistle The Game Of Thrones Tune

Westeros beckons!

Game of Thrones won’t be back until April, and if you’re like me, you can’t wait for it to come back. And if you’re like this cockatiel, you like to hum along to the GoT theme song too. Don’t worry, ‘tiel, the show will be back soon!

Why do cockatiels whistle? As Linda S. Rubin explains in her article, “Why Do Cockatiels Whistle?“:


Although both cockatiel genders have the same anatomy and ability to whistle, it is usually the male cockatiel that expresses more interest in engaging in song or whistling. Males whistle for several reasons. One of the main reasons to whistle or “sing?is to attract a mate. That mate may be another cockatiel, an inanimate object, such as a shiny cage or mirror image if he lacks another bird of the opposite sex, or even you! Courting is a long process in which the male must woo the female in order to mate and successfully pass on his genes to another generation, and whistling can become an amusing if not entertaining part of the process for us to watch.

Another reason cockatiels whistle songs and tunes they are taught is because they probably experience some satisfaction or they probably wouldn? do it. This simply means, they wouldn? whistle if it wasn? fun to do. Their abilities do vary, but I once had a talented male who insisted on teaching all his chicks while in the nest and each time he had a clutch to raise I would pass a “whistling nest box?by the time the babies were about 4 weeks of age! So keep practicing and teaching your pet cockatiel, because it is fun for you both and a great way to bond.

And that’s why cockatiels are such good whistlers! If you have a ‘tiel, is he or she a good whistler? 

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