VIDEO: Watch This Caique Dance

Also find out how you can teach your bird to hop to music.

This caique looks like it’s Irish step dancing, and it’s too cute! Do you want to train your parrot to hop like this caique? Caiques are natural hoppers, and if you have a bird that hops, it’s easy to teach him or her how to dance like this.  

So how do you train your bird to hop to music? According to bird trainer Tani Robar, in her article, “Train Your Parrot To Hop To Music:”

Whatever your parrot does to music that you want it to repeat, observe what kind of music it likes best: fast, slow, loud, with a definite beat, etc. When you have determined that, give a visual cue (whatever cue you find convenient), and use a verbal cue, such as the word “Dance.?When your parrot complies, turn the music off and offer praise and reward, and make a fuss. Your bird won? understand at first, of course, but do it again, tuning the music back on. Your bird might not make the movement again for some time, but be patient. Reward your pet bird only when it starts its dance movements again, even if you have to wait for until another training session. You might also have to wait until you can catch your pet bird doing it on its own, but then offer heavy praise and reward.

Robar says this trick can be hard to teach, but worth it!

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