VIDEO: Watch This Baby African Grey Play With A Baseball Toy

Will this bird grow up to play in the World Series? We may never know.

I love baby African greys. They’re just clumsy little balls of fluff like this African grey, who is really interested in the baseball bird toy. 

Does your African grey play with bird toys? Sometimes it can be hard to get them to play with toys, and Lisa A. Bono offers tips in her article “How To Get Your African Grey Parrot To Play With Pet Bird Toys,” saying: 

When choosing a bird toy for your pet African grey, look for:

  • Softer woods, no larger than an inch thick.
  • Clinking or noise-making toys.
  • Foraging, interactive or shredding ideas to stimulate the mind.

Avoid toys that:

  • Are made with cheap bells that the clacker can be removed easily by curious beaks.
  • Thick woods ?bigger isn? always better!
  • Dowel-type toys.
  • Large wooden beads/balls.
  • Are made with products that may contain lead or zinc.

How do you get your African grey to play with bird toys? 

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