VIDEO: Watch This African Grey Slide Down A Stair Bannister

This parrot knows how to slide.

You remember in the movie “Rio,” when Blu slides down the bannister? I never thought I would actually see a parrot do it … Until today. 

Courtesy of DIY Creative, I saw this video, and immediately knew I had to show it here on BirdChannel. The African grey, named Stanley, lets out a happy whistle as he makes his way down two flights of stairs, and receives some applause from some dogs. 

You can actually play a fun game with your bird involving stairs. They don’t have to slide down bannisters, but they can climb. As Rebecca Sweat writes in the article Games You Can Play With Your Pet Bird, a fun game is the Staircase Dash. She writes: 

“You will need two people to play this game and a carpeted staircase. If your parrot has a favorite person, get that person to play. The favorite person should stand at the bottom of the stairs while the other person places the bird at the top of the stairs and gently nudges the parrot to move downward. The favorite person calls the bird? name or says ‘Climb down the stairs!’ The bird will normally climb down the stairs, using its feet and flapping its wings, getting lots of exercise. Once it reaches the bottom, say, ‘Great job!’

The favorite person then puts the parrot down, quickly walks up the stairs and calls the parrot. Most birds will immediately start chasing after ‘their’ human. When the bird reaches the top, praise it again. 

If you have stairs, does your bird like to slide down the bannister? Do they like to climb the stairs? What games do you play with your bird? Let me know in the comments.

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