VIDEO: Watch This Adorable Ring-Necked Parakeet Care For His Cockatiel Friend

This parakeet knows what will cheer his friend up.

Is this cockatiel sad? Just needs some comfort? Whatever it is, this Indian ring-necked parakeet knows a kiss will cheer up this ?iel and leans over to plant a kiss on his or her head. 

What I love about this video is these birds clearly get along and are enjoying the outdoors together. Not all parrots get along right away, and when you?e bringing a new parrot home, it? best to make preparations. Author Chris Davis covers this in her article, “Avoid Pet Bird Jealousy,?where she talks about introducing parrots to each other or new family members.

One of her biggest tips is this:

“Be the liaison with all new relationships. Always hold your existing pet bird the first time it actually sees the new arrival, even if it is a newborn child. For example, place the baby in a bassinet in another room then take your bird to see the newcomer. Adjust the baby’s blanket while holding your bird. Let the bird know that it is your first baby. Talk to the baby about how important your bird is. Tell your bird that the baby is important, too, and that you need the bird’s help taking care of it. If you do this, don’t be surprised if the bird begins to squawk when the child is fussy or if there is a problem. Many of my clients have found that their birds behaved like little ?annies?after having this talk with them! Follow similar guidelines with animal adoptions.?lt;/span> 

Here? another good tip from Davis when it comes to introducing parrots/new family members to each other:

“Be patient and compassionate. It often takes time to incorporate all the elements of a new relationship with the old. With love, patience, compassion and consideration toward all family members, your new relationship can actually enhance everyone’s lives, including that of your beloved pet bird.?lt;/span>

What do you think about this video? How did your parrots get along when they first met?

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