VIDEO: Watch This Adorable Galah Cockatoo Laughing

And check out some videos of baby galahs/rose-breasted cockatoos.

Daily Mail found a video on the Facebook group “Only in Australia” of an adorable galah ?or rose-breasted cockatoo ?laughing away with a person in the zoo. 

Now, for some reason, my first thought was this was a baby cockatoo begging for food. It was because of the way the galah sounded and how it moved its head that made me think that. It’s been a while since I’ve worked with young parrots, and I had forgotten how baby cockatoos sound when they’re begging. Most parrots have these really cute noises when begging for food, but cockatoos, well… Not so much.

But like I said, I had forgotten that, so I decided to look up baby galah videos.

And oh boy, was I in for a noisy reminder.

We start with this puffed up baby, BEGGING its parent for food. 

And then these two rose-breasted cockatoos.  

And then there’s this baby who finally gets fed. 

Coming back around, I think we’ve learned that baby galah cockatoos, when begging, are LOUD to the point of almost being painful. But grown up cockatoos, like the one in the Daily Mail video, not so much.

So to end, here’s an adorable galah taking a shower. 

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