VIDEO: Watch Cockatoo Louis Bird Get His Groove On

This bird shakes his groove thing.

This is Louie Bird, an umbrella cockatoo, dancing away to “Shake Your Groove Thing” by Peaches & Herb. Louie Bird is adorable, and I dare you not to dance along with him.

Birds are well-known for dancing of course, with the most famous dancing parrot being Snowball. Now, dancing shouldn’t be confused with any other stereotypical behaviors, as the late Liz Wilson points out in her article explaining what dancing is: 

“[Dancing is the] human label for the animated bobbing and strutting that many parrots do, often in response to music and especially raucous rock ??roll. Not to be confused with the highly repetitious “stereotypical behaviors?(seen especially in cockatoos), where the bird repeats the same motions over and over for long periods, rather like a tiger pacing back and forth in its cage for hours.”

If your bird doesn’t naturally dance, you can actually teach him or her too, just like any other trick. So get out your favorite tunes and some treats, because this is fun! Tani Robar wrote a series on how to teach your parrot how to dance. Her first one was how to teach your parrot to bob its head to music. As she writes in her article, “Get Your Pet Bird Dancing By Teaching It The Head Bob:

Teaching the head bob bird trick is similar to teaching your parrot to nod his head yes. The difference, of course, is you want to teach your pet bird to head bob to music. Many parrots bob their heads spontaneously to various stimuli, but now you are asking your bird to bob to a given cue. There is no verbal cue to this trick, as the music becomes the cue, but the physical cue is simply a smaller version of the teaching cue.

Does your bird love to dance to music? Let us know in the comments.  

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