Video: Two Kittens Rescued by Fishermen

When two men went out fishing, the last thing they thought they’d pull out of the water was a cat.

Have you ever been fishing? While you may (or may not) reel in some fish, there’s the possibility of catching something you didn’t expect. Oftentimes that something is a plastic bag or a discarded can or whatever other piece of trash someone carelessly tossed into the water. What you probably never expect is what two men pulled on to their boat in Alabama.

While out fishing, meowing was heard over the water. The two fishermen saw one kitten jump into the water from the forest beyond and swim toward their boat, apparently in an attempt to get the men to rescue it. The kitten was pulled from the water to the boat. Shortly after the same thing happened with a second kitten. The surprise of the fishermen is expected – who would ever think two kittens would swim toward their boat?

While there’s no concrete reason as to why the kittens were there, the men presume that the kitties were abandoned in the forest. Luckily they were saved before anything bad happened to them.

Watch the brave kittens being rescued in the video above. Have you ever seen a cat in an unexpected place?


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