Video Tip: How To Care For Tridacna maxima Clams

Tridacna maximas make beautiful additions to a peaceful marine or reef aquarium.

Two Tridacna gigas clams ( Tridacna gigas ). Via Christoph Specjalski/Wikipedia

Tridacna maxima clams make wonderful additions to a reef aquarium. They are a hardy species that can exhibit brilliant colors. Of the clams in the hobby, Tridacna maxima are fairly easy clams to care for. They can handle occasional strong water motion. They need intense lighting for photosynthesis. Be mindful of their large byssal gland opening which can be easy prey for predator fish. They won’t last long with aggressive fish such as trigger fish, puffers, angelfish and others with similar behaviors so keep this in mind when deciding to stock your reef tank with a Tridacna maxima clam. Once they establish themselves in a marine aquarium, they are fairly easy to keep and care for. They don’t require feeding, as they rely on photosynthesis. In this video, Chris Bueschel, owner of ReefKoi Corals in Colorado Springs, Colorado offers tips on how to care for Tridacna maxima clams.

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