VIDEO: This Puppy Barking At A Parrot Isn’t As Cute As Everyone Thinks It Is

A popular video is worrying this BirdChannel editor.

I was a little worried when I saw this post of a puppy barking at an Amazon parrot, with the bird barking back over at “Oh no,” I thought. “Yet another video where another bird is being stressed out by a dog!” 

Thankfully, BarkPost didn’t let me down. (Thanks BarkPost!) The author wrote in the article, “Note: Letting a dog or any other pet bark excessively around a caged animal may agitate the animal in the cage and cause them stress.”

And that’s very true: Parrots are considered prey species, while dogs are predator species. A bite from a dog is a serious medical emergency for a parrot.

Not to say dogs and parrots can’t co-exist peacefully. But if you watch the video, while the Amazon parrot barks back, the poor bird is doing the “I want to fly away, pick me up!” behavior. It’s hard to say if it’s stressed per say, or if it sees its owner in the background and is asking to come out. The parrot isn’t leaning back or trying to bite the dog, so maybe they’re actually OK with each other.

How do you know if a dog is right for your home if you have a parrot? Liz Wilson, in her article “Train Dogs To Tolerate Parrots,” interviewed a dog trainer, who had this to say: 

Professional dog trainer Lee Livingood gauges a canine? potential for living with a small animal by observing its behavior. Does the dog act …

  • Uninterested?
  • Curious, but easily distracted?
  • Distracted with some difficulty but no predatory response?
  • Cannot be distracted and/or shows predatory behaviors?

If a dog doesn? exhibit a predatory response toward pet birds, or if you can easily distract it from the bird, then appropriate training is possible, according to Livingood.

What do you think? If you have dogs, would you let your dog bark at them like this? Let me know in the comments. 

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