VIDEO: This Cat & Parrot Probably Shouldn’t Be Friends

Another day, another video with a potentially dangerous friendship pair. What do you think: Can cats and parrots be best friends?

So, we?e covered a lot of videos and pictures that the Internet thinks are cute ?from dogs and birds being “friends,” to puppies barking at birds and parrots laughing in a box ?but actually might be potentially dangerous, or at least cause behavior problems in parrots.

So I see yet another video of something kind of dangerous: A baby African grey who is friends with a cat. (Or at least, the cat largely tolerates the African grey.)

Now, don? get me wrong, the two might be good friends. But cats can be dangerous: Their bites can be lethal, and even their claws can be dangerous to birds. In this video, the parrot jumps on the cat, and the cat bats it back and then holds the bird with its paws. What if those paws had their claws out?

As Margaret A. Wissman, DVM writes when she talks about bite wounds from dogs and cats:

The majorities of bite wounds result from pet dogs or cats and are usually crushing or tearing type injuries that may require surgery to correct. These bites are real emergencies that require immediate medical attention because of the bacteria the mammal may carry in the mouth, which is then injected into the tissue when the cat or dog bites the bird. Cat bites can be especially dangerous to birds because of the potentially dangerous bacteria they harbor.

Emphasis is mine.

Furthermore, she writes:

Pet birds may sometimes go into shock if bitten by another pet in the house. The wound might bleed excessively, or the damage may occur internally. Other house pets should never be unsupervised around an uncaged pet bird, as even the most seemingly trustworthy pet might cause attempt to “play?with or attack a pet bird at any time.

Emphasis mine again.

So videos like this, how matter how cute they are, can send some dangerous messages.

What do you think though? Can cats and birds be best friends?

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