Video: The Story of Banana Joe

Behind every perfectly groomed hair and practiced stance at Westminster, is a best friend, a companion and wagging tail.

It’s easy to watch the show and get taken by the grandness of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The dogs feel more like actors on a stage, than the dog sitting next to you on a couch. But the truth of the matter is, within every great show dog is simply a dog. Filled with heart, spunk, personality and a drive-to-please. And behind every great show dog is an owner and handler who loves them.

Get a closer look at the life of Banana Joe, the spunky little Affenpinscher who won hearts at last year’s Westminster Dog Show

It’s admittedly an ad for Purina, who sponsors the show, but it made us get teary-eyed and ready to cheer for little Banana Joe all over again.

Interview with Banana Joe’s handler, Ernesto Lara>>


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