VIDEO: Someone Tried To Translate What This Cockatoo Is Yelling About

What do you think this cockatoo is yelling about?

Remember that popular bird video of the cockatoo running room from room, yelling his head off? Well, someone decided to “translate?what the ?oo was saying. Do you think they hit the mark?

Cockatoos, like many parrots, can be really loud sometimes, and sometimes they like to be loud for absolutely “just because.?As Cathy Coleman points out in her article, “Who? Makin?All That Racket??? 4 Tips on Understanding Your Parrot? Vocalizations:?lt;/span>

“[There are] those ?ust Because?moments where it simply must feel good to be a parrot and be loud for no reason at all. Remember, most of our parrots are the equivalent of 5 year olds in feather suits. Children and parrots find joy in the most simple things, especially NOISE. 

I remember playing ?ing of the Mountain,?when I was young. After reaching the top of that so-called “mountain,?I rattled off the most ridiculous Tarzan yell that my 5-year-old lungs could muster. Why? Because it was silly and fun and because I could.

Perhaps we had more in common with our parrots as children than we realize as adults.?lt;/span>

Does your bird like to run around the house screaming like this ?oo? What do you think he or she is trying to say? Let us know in the comments.

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