Video: So God Made A Dog

Watch this super touching video that will make even the toughest guy whimper like a puppy.

Do you remember that Super Bowl commercial about farmers? The commercial spot featured the importance of farmers set to radio broadcaster Paul Harvey’s “So God Made A Farmer” speech. Well it doesn’t matter if you do, because chances are you’ll like this one better anyway. So let’s skip to the chase.

Funny, whimsical, but at times heartbreaking, this video helps remind us of all the things dogs contribute to not just our lives and happiness but also the entire world. We tend to take them for granted sometimes as serving just one purpose, but no one could describe the enormous amount of things dogs do for us than they did in this video. 

Watch the Video:


A video worth sharing with any dog lover, it shows the impact these amazing animals bring to our human lives. From putting up with our crazy antics, to just being there when you need a friend, dogs are their with love and wagging tail til the end.

We all know dogs are wonderful creatures and this video explains exactly why they are so great. Nothing not to love here!

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