VIDEO: Snoring Hummingbird Too Precious For This World

A clip from BBC's Super Cute Animals features a hummingbird with the cutest snore ever.

Did you know hummingbirds snore? Neither did I! But this clip from BBC’s Super Cute Animals shows us that they do, and it’s too precious for words. Watch now:

Super Cute Animals is a program that wants us to know why we love cute animals. and why we love to share and post images of them. That’s what filmmaker Gordon Buchanan sets out to do in this program. He “has dedicated his life to filming wildlife. He wants to understand why we have such a strong emotional response to these particular species. Why a baby panda makes us go all gooey or why a squeaking frog got over 11 million internet hits. Travelling to meet these super cute animals, he reveals the surprising science behind each of the animals we love so much,” according to the BBC. Along the way, he also learns why hummingbirds snore, so they can “conserve enough energy to make it through the night.”

What’s your favorite cute animal? What’s the cutest bird? Let us know in the comments?

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