Video Shows Puffers Caught In A Vortex Of Swirling Bubbles

The Socorro Islands in Mexico is where two currents collide, creating the swirling vortex of bubbles.

Puffers caught in a vortex of bubbles where two currents meet in Mexico. Screengrab via Smithsonian

The Socorro islands in Mexico is where two ocean currents meet to signal the change in seasons. When they collide they create a  swirling vortex of bubbles. It is essentially where the California current, which is colder than the Equatorial current meet.


The California current pushes nutrients into the upper echelons of the water column  while the Equatorial current is stronger and warmer and when they hit each other, they form the turbine in which pufferfish get caught up in.

It traps pufferfish, which spins them as their fins are too small and weak to swim out of. Hopefully one of the trevallies was able to break up the vortex just enough so the puffers can escape.

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