Video: Shower-Loving Cat

It's a phenomenon so contrary to cats' reputations that a video of a cat enjoying a shower has gone viral.

Who says cats don't like water? Via Daily Mail

Rumor has it that cats hate water, but this ridiculously clean kitty is proving otherwise. The cat, a tabby from the Russian Republic of Chechyna, was filmed getting a good scrub-down in the shower by her owner in a video that, obviously, went viral.

In the 2-and-a-half minute clip, wherein the cat poses with delight and licks her lips as she luxuriates in the water, her owner can be overheard saying: “How many times do I have to tell you that Friday is a bathing day? Where you have been? I told you not to walk on puddles. What an unclean cat you are! You are a Muslim cat, so you should be clean.”

Although we don’t know the wet feline’s name, her weekly wash-down has made her an overnight internet sensation, with over 400,000 views of her three-minute cleaning (complete with shampoo). It has also sparked a debate as to whether cats fancy water or not.

“In truth, not all cats feel the same about taking a dip,” posted one commenter.

“One domestic breed, the strikingly beautiful Turkish Van cat, actually delights in getting wet. If your cat is any other breed, he or she probably views swimming and bathing as spectator sports – and the prospect of being caught in a thunderstorm with raindrops drenching his fur is unthinkable. But then again, there are cats like this one in Chechnya who only prove that felines can be as individual as humans when it comes to what they do and don’t like.”

How do your cats react to water?

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