Video Roundup: Dog Beds Stolen By Uncaring Cats

Let's cut to the chase here -- these cats are jerks.

"Seat's taken." Via TheUrn1/YouTube

I think we can agree that most cats aren’t known for their kind and giving natures. Don’t get me wrong, cats have their positive personality points, but caring about how their actions make others feel, isn’t often at the top of their to-do list. Being comfortable and undisturbed however, ranks significantly higher.

These videos show off just how little these cats care. Not only did these cats take-over their dog siblings bed, but the are comfortably sleeping in their newly commandeered beds without a care in the world about what the dogs thinks.

1. “Sorry dog, I see your lips moving, but all I hear is blah, blah, bark.”

2. This poor, giant dog

3. “Excuse me, dog. Do you mind?”

4. “Use your words dog, I can’t understand you when you’re whining. Oh you want me to get off the bed? No.”

5. “It’s OK, mom and dad. I’ll just make this one work. It’s not worth the risk.”

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