Video: Rescued Dog Picks Out Her Very First Toy

This sweet dog takes her time to pick out just the right toy to bring to her new home.

Have you ever had trouble making a decision? This sweet, rescued, Golden Retriever, Roo, takes her time searching the store for her very first toy and it’s too adorable not to share! She scans all of the options to find the perfect friend to bring home. 

And just incase you weren’t already touched (and crying) by the idea of a rescue dog and her first toy, here’s a little more about Roo to really get you balling with joy for her triumphant toy pick out. 

Roo was rescued from death row at the Los Angles Animal Shelter in Calif. Flea and tick infested, underweight with muscle atrophy, paws covered in cement and in a horrible state, it was clear she had been the victim of severe abuse and neglect. She feared people and had little hope of finding a home. She was saved at the last moment by a volunteer foster who took her home and never let her go back.

You can follow Roo and her Dad, Brian, as the capture their adventures together in their blog:

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