Video: Puppy Goes Crazy for Smell of Clean Carpets

Usually dog's love to roll around and go crazy when something smelly comes along, but this little puppy prefers to smell clean and fresh.

I love a puppy who cares about his own  hygiene.  Cleanliness is next to godliness as they say. While puppies are well known for their sweet puppy smell, this little guy is determined not to lose his “new dog” smell.


Levi, a 10-week-old, Golden Retriever puppy goes nuts every time his parents Preethi and Phillip spray the carpet in their house with Febreeze.

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“He loves it,” says mom Preethi, “he rolls around like a mad man, whenever we clean the carpet.”

And rolls he does, in this adorable video of Levi soaking up the rewards of a well-kept house. 

And really who can blame the little guy? After a long day of playing, everyone can use a little freshening up.  If only some people would follow this little dog’s advice, we’d have a much better smelling world on out hands.

Golden Retriever Top Traits

  • Carefree
  • Family-oriented
  • Multi-talented

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