VIDEO: Pigeons Love This Man Who Feeds & Care For Them

These pigeons know this man will feed and take care of any injuries. Watch now.

Pigeons are unfairly called “flying rats,” when they are, in my humble opinion, pretty and smart birds. Take for example this video, posted by Reddit user Rydogger. He explains how these pigeons know his grandfather, and come to him for food and when they’re injured. And kudos to Rydogger’s grandfather for taking care of them. Read the story below: 

So, years ago, my grandfather would walk down to the pier at Pismo Beach, CA, and feed the pigeons. For some reason, the city did not like it.

They said they were going to gas the birds and kill them. So my grandfather, being the kind person he is, decided to feed them on the roof if his house. 

Every night, these pigeons line up on top of the roof, and wait for him to come out and feed them. They start lining up around 3:30, and he doesn’t feed them until 5:00 every night. He also gives them some water to drink and bathe in, but my phone died before I could get any video of that. 

He has also helped a couple birds. One was tagged, and got away from the owner. He noticed that the bird was limping one day, and the tag was starting to hurt his leg. My grandfather cut the tag off, and the next day, that bird brought back one of his friends, who was caught in some sort of fishing line. He cut that off as well.

Also, you’ll notice the windows that have paint on them. That’s because one time a hawk flew in to the window and hurt itself. My grandfather helped it come to, and once he was better, he flew away.

My grandfather is incredible.

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