Video: Office Full of Cats Strikes Mild Fear Into Staff

Cats by computers, cats in desks, cats on conference tables – Work environment goals achieved, in our opinion.

It's furry pandemonium.

We’ve seen before the incredible cuteness and therapeutic atmosphere that cats can bring into the office, but only in pictures. Now it’s time to experience that same fluffy happiness flooding the workplace in the superior media format: video.

The Japan Net Bank recently put out a commercial showing off what we have to assume is the most ideal working environment in the world. Watch the full video here or scroll down for highlights.

With the help of investigative tools (Google Translate), it appears the message of the video is thus:

“Usual office, usual conversation. Why 1 kittens is …… there. Usually of office, reception, the corridor cat, cat, cat.
The office would be What happened?

One after another Futameku employees panic To cute cats is …….
And finally start a conference by the cat.

Japan Net Bank
“Anytime, anywhere” as a familiar Internet bank
It aims to bank where you can safely and easily available.”








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