Video Of Cat Talking To Her Kittens Is Just What You Need Today

We really needed to see this sweet clip of mom cat Kitty Cate and her kittens talking to each other.

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Kitty Cate was a good, and communicative, cat mom.
Anastasia Thrift

It was a rough day, hearing the news that terrorists had attacked Brussels, but one video is giving us a chance to smile.

The video, posted on DrNworb’s KitsCats YouTube channel in 2013 but making the Internet rounds again, shows Kitty Cate talking sweetly to her tiny kittens. She trills to them and they mew back, and we get to witness a tender moment between a mother and her children.

Kitty Cate had been fostered by the kind caretakers who posted the video through Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association. The video shows Kitty Cate with her kittens when they were about 7 weeks old.

Even as the kittens grew up, Kitty Cate and her young still maintained the back-and-forth they’d begun when the kittens were tiny babies.

And more videos show what a sweet mom she was.

Now known as Ebony, she and her kittens all found forever homes.

“We fostered these adorable kittens and their mum Kitty Cate through VOKRA in the summer of 2013, all went to fabulous forever homes (the kittens in pairs and Cate to her own home) and all have been fixed and are doing great,” reads a description on DrNworb’s KitsCats YouTube page, on a final video of the feline family.

We’re grateful for the good news and for the sweet story these videos tell.

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