Video: Music Therapy Cat

A music studio's resident cat provides a calming presence, feline-style.

Meet Connor Lee, a Selkirk Rex with an ability to calm students at his pet parents’ music studio.

Connor Lee Maggard celebrated his second birthday with music and friends. The red Selkirk Rex hopped up on a counter at The Music Room in Southern California to greet piano student Allison before her lesson. Allison gave Connor a couple of cheek scratches and back pats before going to the practice space.

Helping Students Relax
“Spending a minute with him is helpful in getting rid of the nerves,” says studio owner Pamela Wright. “He has a wonderful, sweet personality and purrs all the time.” Wright teaches piano, music theory and composition to students from ages 5 to 85. Her youngest students even write their own songs. “I noticed with students who were a little anxious, especially the girls, when they would pet him, they’d calm down.”

The curly-coated cat simply offers up a chin to scratch and a golden-eyed face to fawn over, and heart rates lower throughout the music store and studio. He either sits atop the counter near the register or on Wright’s lap beside the piano as she teaches. In Wright’s office, he can nap in his cat condo near the rest of his creature comforts.

Wright discovered Connor Lee’s ability to soothe nervous students by accident one day and decided it might be a great experience for students and cat alike to make him a regular feature of the studio. She was surprised to see how one little cat could change the course of events. “When one of my students came in, I found out from her parents that she had some disabilities, and she was really, really nervous,” she says. “After being at the counter with [Connor] , I hadn’t really thought about it, she went in, sat down and played her lesson so well. I thought, ‘Wow, he really made a difference today.’ I continued to bring him, especially on days when she was going to be in.”

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The Music Room
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