Video: Mother Cat with Hedgehog Babies Warms Collective Internet Heart

A video is making the rounds again, showing a sweet mother nursing her kitten ... as well as a clutch of hedgehog babies.

We’ve seen cats adopt everything from Lynx babies to rabbits and chicks, but perhaps the strangest tale of feline surrogacy is the one we’re about to introduce you to: hedgehogs!

Meet Sonya, a ginger from Central Russia. In November 2012, she proved that a mother’s love extends to any baby, be it furred or spiny, when she took on the role of mommy to a quartet of hedgehogs whose mother had died, leaving them orphans.

Hedgehogs rarely last long in the wild without a mother to watch over them, leaving these four in a dangerous situation had the sweet-tempered feline not come along.

Sonya, who had just had a kitten of her own and was in the process of nursing, was more than happy to allow her altruistic side to show by taking the hedgehogs under her paw – nursing, nurturing, and otherwise showering them with the type of love only a mother can give.

Watch a clip of Sonya nursing her prickly babes here, and be prepared to let out a squee or two over the cutest pictures ever starring Sonya the cat, her hedgehog babies, and loads of cuddles here!

Let’s call them hedgekittens, shall we?


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