Mere Pens Can’t Contain Kitten Who Wants To Be With Puppy

Your petty walls are nothing compared with the power of a cat’s love, or a cat’s anything for that matter.

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Love lifts us up where we belong. Via JoLinn Pet House/Facebook

Far away, a great divide — well, a good divide — separates a cat from a dog. But their love is so strong, it bridges that gap.

Massive puppy kisses welcome a kitten who climbs over a pet-store partition in Taipei, Taiwan, a video recently posted to Facebook shows. It’s a dangerous journey within the JoLinn Pet House but ultimately looks worth it.


Posted by JoLinn Pet House 爵靈寵物 on Sunday, June 26, 2016

The trek is precarious. At some moments, the kitten grasps for footing along the pen wall. The puppy stands on hind legs encouraging the kitten to come over into welcoming canine arms, we mean legs.

"Me coming back to you is against all odds but it's the chance I have to take." Via JoLinn Pet House/Facebook

“You coming back to me is against all odds but it’s the chance I have to take.” Via JoLinn Pet House/Facebook

After the tense moments, however, the warm, slobbering welcome the kitten gets makes the whole scary attempt look worthwhile.

True love wins again.

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