Video: Little Girl’s Reaction to Getting a Puppy Makes the Internet Cry

This video will make you wish you were an 8 year-old-girl with a puppy.

Like Emma, I too wished for a puppy for what felt like years and years in my short little life. But unlike Emma, I did not receive one for my birthday. If I had it probably would have gone something like this. Let’s be honest if some one surprised me today with a puppy – or that pony I have been requesting it would also probably go something like this:

In this video, Emma’s parents explain via birthday card that she will be getting the puppy she always dreamed of for her birthday. Her reaction is priceless and will surely resonate with any little kid (at heart) who ever hoped to receive a puppy surprise.

We should mention that this video is going on 5 years old, but just hit the internet radar over the last few days.The video has received many comments of people who loved the little girls emotion along with those who criticized her parents and felt Emma was too young for a dog or had probably lost interest in the dog right away. Greg Cox, Emma’s father and poster of the video, responded by saying that those who thought Emma wouldn’t take care for the dog were “very wrong”  that Winnie the Pug has not stopped being “fun” for Emma and the rest of the family in her 5 years.

While we don’t recommend giving dogs as gifts, let alone surprising them with one, as a parent it can be appropriate if you are ready and eager to assume the dog’s care.

There are many other fun way’s to “surprise” someone with the gift of a dog. Consider giving the recipient an adoption certificate or wrapping a dog bowl and leash with a message that you will visit a shelter and pick out a puppy together (two gifts in one!) 

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