Video: Lab Saves Fellow Dogs Stranded In Canoe

Watch dogs be amazing as they work together to bring a drifting boat back to shore.

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Watch a rescue mission among canines end in success. Via Heroic Animals/Rumble
Anastasia Thrift

If you thought dogs couldn’t get any greater a new video could surprise you.

A black Labrador Retriever saves two dogs stranded on a canoe adrift in a river in a video posted to Rumble. The moments of suspense seem tense until a swimming rescuer comes to their aid.

The Lab puts retriever skills to the test when going into the flowing waters to save fellow canines afloat in a canoe. Incredibly, one of the drifting dogs has the insight to toss a lifeline rope to the swimming dog.

Friends helping friends. Via  Heroic Animals/Rumble

Friends helping friends. Via Heroic Animals/Rumble

With strength and a sense of purpose, the dog tugs the canoe back to shore. Instinct and some kind of canine altruism must have come into play to pull off this rescue.

Whatever it is, it makes us love our dogs even more.

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