Video: Kitten in a Box

This kitten coin-grabber vexes a real live cat who wants to help the money go to a fellow kitty.

Piggy banks? So yesterday! We’ve fallen in love with a new money-saving space that reminds us of Maru, and literally blows this little piggy out of the water. The current object of our affection? The Stealing Coin Cat Piggy Bank!

Lay a coin on top of the button, push down, and watch as a sneaky kitty peeks out of the box, reaches a paw up, and stealthily swipes your change, leaving nothing behind but a faint meow. Want to see it in action? The demo above left us o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d.

Bonus: it works overtime as a plaything for kitty. Need proof? Just check out this curious cat trying to figure out why the kitty won’t stay out and play, or observe as this feisty feline lures cat in a box out time and time again.

It’s official: we’ve met our new cat crush.

Are you loving the Stealing Coin Cat Piggy Bank as much as we are? How do you think your cats would react to kitty in a box?

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