Video: Kitten Copying Mom is Cutest Thing Ever!

Watch as this cat tries his best to bathe himself the way his mother does.

Have you ever had a kitten and an older cat at the same time? Chances are the kitten followed the older cat, whether or not it was his mother, and copied everything the older cat did. Maybe he tried jumping on the counter after the adult cat jumped. Perhaps he wanted to chase the red laser dot around the floor too. Or the kitten just wanted a lesson in grooming. Neo, the kitten in this video, did. He was sitting with his mother, watching her bathe herself. He, of course, copied her actions. Being a kitten, he didn’t quite get it, but it’s terribly cute to watch. He’ll get it someday!

If you have a video of your kitten copying your older cat, post it on the Cat Fancy Facebook page. If you don’t have a video, be sure to share your story.

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