Video Imagines A World Where Cats Say ‘Mom’ Instead Of ‘Meow’

What if cats said “mom” instead of “meow”? It could either be pretty adorable or, depending on how vocal your cat is, pretty annoying.

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Mom! Mommy! Momma!
Stephanie Brown

Admit it. You’ve wished — on multiple occasions — that your cat could talk. But what if he or she could really speak to you?

A video posted to YouTube by Cole and Marmalade gives us some insight into the hypothetical scenario. In the video, two of our favorite internet-famous cats, Cole and Marmalade, appear to say “mom” instead of “meow” thanks to some fantastically hilarious video editing.

“Mom, open the door! Mom, pet me! Mom, give me food!” Via Cole and Marmalade/YouTube

We love our cats like they are our children, so it’s actually pretty fitting to think of them calling us mom. After all, we feed them, put a roof over their heads and keep them happy and healthy. But after about 10 seconds into the video we start to get the feeling that having a talking cat might not be such a good idea. Think Stewie from the “The Family Guy” trying to get the attention of his mom, Louis.

As much as we really want to have conversations with our cats, it’s probably best that they can’t speak to us in words. They can be a bit judgy, and boy, have they seen us do some embarrassing things. Plus, we enjoy the other ways they tell us things, like giving us head butts (“I love you!”) or pawing at our arm (“Pet me!”). Verdict: Talking cats are cute in theory, but would probably drive us crazy in practice.

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