Video: How to Trick Your Cat Into Exercising

This is the perfect game to get your lazy cat moving.

Cats are notoriously lazy. The only thing that could get my cat to move was the dog. Otherwise she was going to stay wherever she was even if I were trying to make the bed or do laundry or just get her to engage in some sort of exercise. When I tried to engage her with a feather wand toy she batted it with one paw (while still lying down) and that was it. I moved it further away from her and the game was over. Lazy kitties are hard to get motivated.

But maybe the answer is a light on the wall. Labeled “Exercise for overweight cat,” this YouTube video posted by ignoramusky has a furry feline jumping high in the air trying to catch the light on the wall. While I’m not sure my cat would have played along, it seems like a great deal of fun for both the cat and her human. This was surely thought of by someone who has cats.

If the tables were turned, what do you think cats would do to get us up and moving? Oh right; they meow.

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