Video: Hidden Camera Shows Cat Using the Toilet

After noticing the litter box consistently clean, a man decides to set up hidden cameras to find out just what his cat is up to.

I once had a rescue cat who liked to use the sandbox (the one we played in as children) as a litter box. The litter box, meanwhile, went unused. I bet everyone who’s ever had a cat has stories about interesting places cats relieve themselves. For one man, that place turned out to be the toilet. After noticing the litter box suspiciously clean except for feces, and the evidence that someone in the household was using the toilet but not flushing, a pet parent from Marina, California decided to set up a surveillance camera, Mirror reports.

The cat climbs up on the toilet, seemingly thinks about using it, then jumps down. She gets back on it and apparently uses it, jumping down after doing so. Now all she needs to do is learn how to flush and wash her paws.

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