Video: French Bulldog Goes Crazy for Ball Pit

This dog’s excitement over tubs of balls is so cute it’ll definitely make you smile.

Do your dogs love balls? Have they ever been in a ball pit? If so, did they react with mild interest or was it the greatest thing ever? For the French Bulldog in this adorable video, the ball pits are the best thing he’s ever experienced. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a dog have this much fun. He goes from one ball pit to another, jumps in, spins around and is having so much uninhibited joy that even the other dogs look on with wonder. If only we all could be as happy as this dog is by the small things. Everyone needs their day in a ball pit, don’t you think? At least we have the second-best thing: watching a really excited dog have a great time playing. And that is sure to bring a smile to us all.

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