Video: Foster Kitty Gets Her Groove On to ‘Uptown Funk’

Watch this kitten dance to the popular song by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars.

Come on, admit it. You like to dance with your cat. It’s OK. We’ve all done it. We’re either holding him or her while our favorite dance song is playing in the background or we use a cat toy to get our furry feline friend to move with the beat. And how cute are the cats when we do?!

Winnie, a foster kitten, is no exception. She can’t help getting her groove on as “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson, featuring Bruno Mars, plays in the room. Her little head bobs to the beat and you know she’s thinking her dance skills will land her a spot in the top 20 on “So You Think You Can Dance,” cat edition. Could she be right?

If you have a video of your cat dancing – either with you or on his her own – be sure to share it with Cat Fancy on our Facebook page!


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