Video: Dogs Celebrate the Return of Their Military Humans

If you've ever wondered if your dog would remember you if you left, watch this for the answer.

The feeling of missing someone important to you can be overwhelming at times, but the joy of being reunited often can make you forget about the time spent away. My wife is out of town right now, and even though I know she is coming back very soon, it still feels like the hours, minutes and seconds are dragging on. But she has only been gone for a few days!

Watch this video to see how this loving dog reacts to his owner returning from military duty for 6 months:

With humans, you don’t always get the “welcome home” message that you might get from a dog. The love seen in this video makes it hard not to tear up with joy when you see how excited the dog is. I think it is right to assume that when we are away, our pets spend some time thinking about where we might be and when we are coming home. They most likely do not have an understanding of what a vacation is, or what war is and they can never can gauge how long we will be away for. Because of that uncertainty, it is no surprise when our dogs are overjoyed when we come home.  Makes me want to go on vacation just so I can see how my dog reacts when I come home!

And in case you thought this dog’s excitement was a fluke, check out this awesome video compilation of dogs who can not be happier to see their owners who have returned home from military duty.

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