Video: Dog Waits Patiently While Owner Shops

A dog’s loyalty is proven when he waited for his pet parent to get back from shopping.

Have you ever had to wait while someone has gone shopping? Sometimes it can be terribly boring and test your patience if (1) you’re at a store you don’t like and (2) the person you’re with is taking a really long time. For one dog in Canada, his boredom and patience was tested, but he showed no signs of either. Instead, he patiently waited for hours, the YouTube description states, for his pet parent who had apparently gone shopping. Onlookers were surprised by the dog’s loyalty as they watched him stare at the escalators, waiting for his human to come down. One such onlooker, Seguilla, took the video. His excitement when he finally sees him is so cute, but makes us wonder if he’s just excited to see his human or if he’s also a little bit glad that they can finally go home.

What do you think?

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