Video: Dog Unwittingly Shows Off Gymnastics Skills

While chasing a Frisbee, a dog effortlessly nails a front handspring… despite the fence getting in the way.

Front handsprings can be hard to nail when you’re just starting out in gymnastics, but once you do, nothing can stop you. Not even a fence. All you need is determination… such as a strong desire to get a blue Frisbee. The dog in this video has that exact determination. He is going for that Frisbee even though there’s a fence in the way. We see him run right into it, go into a front handspring as though he’d always known how to do one, land and run after the coveted object without a moment’s hesitation. It’s as if he’s thinking, “I meant to do that.” And of course he comes back with the Frisbee in his mouth.

Has your dog ever accidentally done a gymnastics move?

Some dogs are so skilled at the sport that they’ve mastered the trampoline.

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