Video: Dog Teaches Another Dog an Important Swimming Lesson

Sometimes you just have to stand on your own two feet and keep your head above water.

Learning to swim can be both an exhilarating and scary experience. Every new swimmer may learn differently, but I think the one thing everyone wants is to just be able to keep their head above water. Lest one panics. Some panic when they can’t touch the bottom of the pool. But once your toes touch the bottom and you realize that’s all you have to do to not drown, everything is right with the world and swimming is fantastic. This is exactly the lesson one dog learned on his swimming adventure, and he learned it from his dog pal who had already mastered keeping his head above water.

In the video, the swimming master is proudly standing on his hind legs while the swimming amateur jumps in and paddles his way over. It even seems as though he’s thinking that he just needs to make it to his doggy buddy and everything will be fine, reaching out a paw for support. But then he realizes all he has to do is stand. The pool is not that deep. We’re sure he breathed a sigh of relief.

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