Video: Dog Steals Baby’s Cookie, Both Cry

A dog thinks a baby is sharing his cookie, leaving both of them in tears.

Babies love their cookies. Dogs love their human babies’ cookies too. In this viral video, a little boy, likely no more than 18 months old, is holding a cookie. His dog thinks the snack is for both of them and eagerly takes a bite. So far, it’s typical, right? Dogs love people food and it’s easy for them to get them from babies. The baby pulls the cookie away from the dog in what we can only guess is an attempt to tell the puppy, “You’ve had enough; the rest is mine.” The dog, of course, misunderstands this and takes the whole cookie. If you have children (or read the title of this article), you know the result: the baby cries. Then the dog cries. We assume he is experiencing a moment of empathy – or perhaps guilt. What do you think?

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