Video: Dog Confesses to Stealing Tater Tots

When his owner asked him what he had in his mouth, a guilty dog confessed by showing her.

I think anyone who has ever had a dog has discovered a piece of food missing from time to time. Mine used to sneak bread. A friend’s dog took the chicken breasts – all of them – that were supposed to be for dinner. Sometimes our furry friends are caught in the action, others take the coveted delight and hide somewhere to gobble it down and still others eat it up before we even realize it’s gone. For one dog, the discovery was made before he could get rid of the evidence. In the video his owner asks him what he has in his mouth. He looks very guilty and his human keeps asking. The dog finally confesses by putting the tater tots he had in his mouth right onto the floor.

While his human tells him to go ahead and eat the fried potato treats, DogChannel does not recommend giving tater tots to your dog.

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