Video: Dog Can’t Get Enough of This Orange Balloon

Sometimes the most fun a dog can have is making sure his balloon doesn’t touch the ground.

Balloons are the source of endless (that is, endless until it pops) amusement for children. They can be made into balloon animals. They can be filled with water and thrown at each other on hot summer days. They can even be fun bouncing them in the air and trying not to let them touch the ground. Rose, the Boston Terrier in this video, understands just how much fun that last balloon game can be. She spends her time hitting an orange balloon in the air, then running to get it before it hits the ground and then hitting it in the air again with her snout. And from the looks of this video, this isn’t the first time she’s played this game. Seeing how much enjoyment Rose gets from playing with a balloon will surely put a smile on your face.

Dog and Balloon


Has your dog ever played a balloon game?


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