Video: Dog Adoption “Prank” Saves Lives in an Awesome Way

A California dog rescue got the surprise of a lifetime, when all of its dogs were adopted at once!

I love seeing dogs get adopted. It makes me happy, emotional – I feel all the feels. So you can imagine the tears that ensued when I watched this amazing video where lucky senior dogs went to their happy homes, all from the same rescue, all in the same day. 

Watch as Prank It FWD, an organization dedicated to “pranks for good,” surprises Sherri Stankewitz, pet rescuer and owner of West Coast Animal Rescue with a very special prank.

Sherri’s organization was chosen out of 15,000 submissions for November’s prank. And her story won hearts with the organization when they found out she gave up everything, to dedicate her life to saving abandoned dogs.

Not only did all of her senior dogs find wonderful forever homes with the help of our friends at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, but Prank it Forward and Barefoot Wines teamed up to get her a new trailder for transporting her animals and a donation to pay for her operating expenses for an entire year. 

Talk about feel good story to get you ready for the holidays. 

Well, just incase your weren’t feeling emotional enough, I perused the site further and found this one for you. Get the tissues ready, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Office neighbors, please excuse the loud sobs coming from my cubicle (blows nose here,) it’s just the joy of giving that has overcome me: 

With all of the negative news we often see, it’s so wonderful to see these stories of pure good-heartedness and wonderful dog-loving people. Spread the word and share the love!  

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