Video: Chicken Has Audacity to Steal Cat’s Food, Cat Bewildered

In an epic battle over food, a cat is left watching while a chicken eats up his dinner.

In multipet homes, there are times when one pet thinks it needs all the food. I had a cat who would swat at the dog until he walked away from his own bowl of food. It didn’t matter that the cat had just eaten her own dinner. Even though that situation was remedied, Kitty was very persistent (I assume she thought Rusty needed to respect her authority). The hen in this video has the same determination. The cat’s food is hers and she’s going to do whatever it takes to get it, which includes suffering a kitty paw beating on the top of her head. Undeterred, the hen has enough and just makes herself at home between the cat and the bowl, leaving the cat in shock as to how a bird could be so rude and not respect the feline authority. We’re guessing the cat resumed his rightful place on the throne later on.

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