VIDEO: Check Out These Realistic Wings Someone Made

They are awesome!

Did you ever want to be a bird? Youtube user Alexis Noriega created her own realistic wings that fold in and out. She hasn’t put up a tutorial on how she did it, but it’s amazing to watch. 

Noriega has an Etsy shop called The Crooked Feather. According to the Facebook page, it “sells wings and feather accessories for costume and daily wear. I create custom orders and consult on wing making and adding the finishing touches on your costume or cosplay.”

The mission is, “Here at the Crooked Feather my mission is to enrich the world of costuming and cosplay with quality props and accessories. Both hobbies are expensive and difficult to do all alone. I hope to help others with my knowledge and expertise in creating the best possible costume for them. My mission is to be the tool others use to make their costumes come to life!”

If you could create your own wings, would you have parrot wings? What kind of wings would you have?  

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