Video: Cats Won’t Let Pet Parent Make the Bed

A woman’s Sphynx cats are having none of that bed-making business.

Each day before work you might take on the obligatory task of making your bed. You can do it fairly quickly if the cats aren’t around, but if they happen to have sneaked into your bedroom beforehand, chances are it’s going to take you a little longer to accomplish the task. The gray stray I had liked to burrow under the covers, messing them up even after the bed was made. She didn’t like it if I tried to make the bed and she was already in it. She, of course, refused to move every time.

In a video posted on YouTube by Vanda Santos, she attempts to make her bed, but her clowder of Sphynx cats just won’t let her do it. They cover every inch of it as best they can, thinking it’s more of a game than a chore. Who knew bed-making meant playtime? Apparently these cats did. Watch the video to see how much fun they have.

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