Video: Door Can’t Keep Cat From Getting To Toys

Watch a cat easily open a door with the flip of a handle and obliterate any ideas of privacy you have.

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Doors? HAH. Via Yoko/Rumble
Anastasia Thrift

Think your “off-limits” rooms are secure from cats once the doors are closed? THINK AGAIN.

A video on Rumble shows a cat opening a shut door with incredible ease, letting in the fellow felines who would otherwise be locked out. It makes you say, “Wow, cats are really smart!” and “Wow, I really don’t know what methods of security I can trust anymore.”

In the video, kitty leaps gracefully up to a doorknob, uses the weight of ample fluff to pull the latch and lands back on the ground with a raised tail, happy in the mission’s success. The rest of the cats in the house file into a room that looks like a study someone would very much like closed off from the tons of fur surely shed by this trio. Then the leader goes about its super important cat business of playing with a cat toy.

"Nice try, humans." Via  Yoko/Rumble

“Nice try, humans.” Via Yoko/Rumble

Time to give up the dream of having a say in anything, humans. The cats have outsmarted us.

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