Video: Cat Upset He Didn’t Catch the Pigeon

Have you ever shown your disappointment when you don’t get something you really wanted? This cat has.

A bird once got into my house and my cat (and dog, actually) had the poor thing cornered. Luckily, I managed to get both the cat and dog away from it and get the bird back outside. Neither pet seemed too disappointed they missed out on the feathered treasure, but maybe they were just in awe of their momentary act of solidarity.

Lack of disappointment over not catching the prized bird does not occur with every cat. In fact, the cat in the video shows his in a very obvious way. Watch as he slowly creeps up to the pigeon, stealthily taking each step in anticipation of the inevitable pounce on his prey. Unfortunately, his cunning technique is thwarted when the bird flies away. The cat hilariously shows his displeasure (which kind of reminds me of a toddler throwing a tantrum).

What do you think of this cat’s reaction to not catching the pigeon?

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