Video: Cat States His Refusal to Eat His Vegetables in Typical Cat Fashion

Find out how one cat reacts when he’s asked if he’s eating his veggies.

Chances are your cat is stubborn. And picky. I’ve known very few cats who aren’t. They turn up their nose at the delicious wet cat food you thought they’d love. They flick the dry cat food bits all over the floor then watch smugly as you (or the dog) clean it up. Some may even knock their food or water bowls right off the counter if that’s where it happens to be. But of course we still love them and search endlessly until we find food they like. And if they don’t, no matter how irritated we may become, sometimes our cat’s reaction is just too funny. Take, for example, the cat who refuses to eat his vegetables (no big surprise there; we all know cats are carnivores). In a hilarious video posted by Aaron’s Animals on YouTube, one cat has a funny way of reacting to his pet parent when he’s asked if he’s finished his veggies. Apparently he thinks hiding from his human is the best way to get out of eating them. If it’s not the best, it’s certainly the cutest!

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