Video: Cat Meets Baby Goats, Reacts as Only a Cat Can

This kitty may not be as excited to meet the baby goats as the goats are to meet her.

New friends.

When Lady Bug and Princess Leia met Moo the cat they were only a week old and full of toddler-like energy. Moo, on the other hand, is more like the tired parent who just wants to sit down for a minute or two, and, as the YouTube description states, “She is not quite sure about the very bouncy new kids yet.”

And Lady Bug and Princess Leia are definitely very bouncy. Watch as the goats, not much bigger than Moo, hop all over the place while the cat reacts in true cat fashion – by walking away and lying on the ground. She seems to regard the goats with mild curiosity. Maybe she’s looking at them and thinking, “I wish I had that much energy.” Or perhaps she just wishes they’d stop bouncing long enough for her to take a nap.

If you could narrate this video, what do you think each animal would say?

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